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Tourist Attractions in China – Want a vacation to China? Don’t miss the following tourist attractions in China. Chinese tourism does offer something different when compared to other countries. In this Bamboo Curtain country, you can enjoy historical tourist attractions to modern tourist attractions. Not only that, the natural attractions are also very exotic and cool.

To make it easier for you to enjoy your trip to China, Aneka Wisata has prepared a list of tourist attractions in China that are interesting, famous, popular, and fun to visit.

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is a structure erected from a collection of small walls built by various dynasties over the years. The construction of this wall was erected for protection from invasion by people from the north.

The Great Wall of China itself, has a history that goes back more than 2000 years, the size of this Tourist Spot in China is about 8,800 km (5,500 miles) in length, although some parts have been destroyed or have disappeared completely. This building is the longest man-made structure in the world.

When you are in this Chinese tourist spot, you will be presented with a stunning view of the surroundings. Walking along the Great Wall of China with your family, friends, or even your partner will give you an unforgettable special impression.


This is a tourist spot in China that offers exotic natural scenery. Jiuzhaigou Valley has been described as a fairy tale because it has many waterfalls, snow-capped karst mountains, turquoise and green lakes are so clear, one can see all the way to the bottom of the lake.

This tourist spot in China is also a habitat for giant pandas, although the chances of seeing these animals are very slim due to the size of the park which is very large and the number of tourists that are quite dense, so that the Giant Panda will usually hide.


One more tourist spot in China that offers beautiful exotic and cool views, namely Yangshuo. Yangshuo is also a good area for a stopover before travelers take their next day’s trip to Guilin for a relaxing trip on the Li River.

Yangshuo is a quiet tourist spot and is perfect for those of you who really want to be alone and clear their minds. It’s really right for releasing fatigue from all the busyness and daily routine. Moreover, accompanied by beautiful views of the cool karst mountains.


Beijing is the capital of China. This city is a very popular city and has become one of the tourist attractions in China which is visited by many tourists, both local and foreign tourists. In Beijing, there are many tourist attractions that you can visit for holidays with family or friends such as Tianamen Square, the National Museum of China, and the Forbidden City.


Kunming is the transportation, industrial and cultural center of southwest China. With a mild climate, Kunming makes a great tourist spot in China to visit any time of the year. Besides having its own charm, Kunming also serves as a base for exploring the ethnic minorities in the area.


The next must-visit tourist spot in China is Hangzhou. Renowned for their natural landscapes, Hangzhou and West Lake have been immortalized by countless poets and artists. The most beautiful scenery in this tourist spot is West Lake. West Lake is a large lake decorated with ancient buildings and gardens designed for relaxation and spirituality.


Lhasa is one of the most important cities in Tibet and one of the highest in the world. Even though they are still in Chinese territory, the people there still retain their unique culture. There you can learn about the culture used by the surrounding community. This tourist spot in China is perfect for those of you who want to learn about all kinds of cultures that exist in the world.


The city of Xi’an was an indispensable starting point for the “Silk Road” which made trade between many countries very developed at that time. The city of tourist attractions in China is also one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China.


Located in the East China Sea at the mouth of the Yangtze River, Shanghai is China’s largest city and most developed city. Super luxury skyscrapers and shopping, luxury hotels and prestigious arts centers are also numerous in the city of Shanghai.

At night, the city of Shanghai seems to represent China as a city that is no less glamorous than other European cities such as Milan, Paris or Madrid.

Potala Palace

The Potala Palace is located about 130 meters above the Lhasa valley. This palace has a very interesting and charming architecture.  The Potala Palace has now become the most popular tourist spot in China. For those of you who come to visit tourist attractions in China, you will feel the beauty and uniqueness that is very interesting.

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