Prime Minister Dr. Abiy's Inauguration Speech

  DR. Abiy   

Our new Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, made a remarkable and memorable speech before the House of peoples representatives following his Inauguration as the Prime Minister of FDRE. In his speech, Dr. Abiy touched upon different issues and thematic areas which are hindering the country from Economic, Social and other developments. but he greatly emphasized on corruption, its wide spread and its cumbersome impact on the overall country's development. Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed stated that one of the reasons that aggravated the people sorrow was corruption. He also called upon the general public to try and not make Ethiopia where one survives through hard work and the other through robbery.
The Prime Minister mentioned the famous Indian activist Mahatama Gandhi's quote on 'the world has enough for everyone's need but not enough for everyone's greed' and assured that the government will try to curb corruption through the participation of the general public. The Prime Minister's dedication and enthusiasm to bring an end to corruption and bring an effective change in the country needs to be applauded.