What does TE do against corruption?

It is a fact that corruption in Ethiopia is becoming worse and worse. Parallel with the international efforts to combat this crime the government of Ethiopia is showing some efforts. However, it is clear that the government cannot tackle corruption effectively on its own. Therefore, there is a need of involvement of non-governmental and civil society organizations that strengthens the already started struggle against the evil. This called for the formation of Transparency Ethiopia (TE)- affiliate organization in Ethiopia that is thought to be working in line with TI’S values and principles. The organization was intended to work to bring about accountability and transparency in the public administration and change in the attitude of the society towards corruption.

Accordingly, Transparency Ethiopia (TE) was founded in 2003 as a local contact of TI. Since its establishment, TE has been undertaking the responsibility of fighting corruption in different ways. Transparency Ethiopia intends to build coalition with the private sector, civil society organizations and government to prevent corrupt practice, strengthen public institutions, and foster a deep-rooted anti-corruption culture.

Having the mandate to fight all forms of corruption in the public, private and civil society sectors, as well as promoting good governance and integrity in public and corporate affairs, currently the activities of Transparency Ethiopia (TE) can be divided into four core strategic areas: institutional building, awareness creation and public education, research and advocacy.

TE believes that networking and coalition building is important in order for the anti-corruption movements to become fruitful. Hence, TE tries to bring together like-minded individuals and organizations that are working in the area of corruption, good governance and human rights to curb and combat corruption effectively and sustainably.

Raising public awareness on the effects of corruption, stressing that corruption is a problem that can be tackled and that it is not a given fact of life, constitutes one of the core function of TE. It is for this reason that TE is undertaking different programmes aimed at elevating the awareness of the citizens and enable them to have an active role in the endeavors of combating corrupt practices. This particular programme also geared towards awareness creation among citizenry about the devastating impacts of corruption.