Where is corruption most rampant?

A number of literatures depict that corruption is most prevalent in developing countries than the developed ones. This is entirely consistent with all the corruption perception index (CPI) published annually by Transparency International since 1995. For example, in 2008 the CPI ranked a total of 180 countries across the globe in which the countries rated among the 20 least corrupt _Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia_ are also the wealthiest in their respective regions. At the bottom of the corruption scale are countries which remain perpetually poor.

In Ethiopia, there are certain areas where corruption is believed to be rampant. These includes places where financial resources and transferred from the private to the public sector and vice versa. According to the outcome of the corruption survey conducted in 2001, agencies which are engaged with the allocation of land and government housing, provision of telephone and electric services, granting of loans, licensing and issuance of permits, collection of taxes and procurement of consumable and fixed assets, customs and excise offices are areas where corruption is more prevalent.