About Us

What is Transparency Ethiopia (TE)?

Transparency Ethiopia is a not-for-profit, non partisan, non governmental, membership based civil society organization that aims to fight corruption, to make sure that transparency and accountability gains acceptance as standard style of work in all societies. It was established and has become a legal civil society organization as of October 19, 2002 pursuant to the Ministry of Justice Legal notice number 404 and the associations’ registration regulations, Legal notice number 321/1995.

Prior to the establishment of TE, citizen's forum of the 1st National Anti-corruption conference was held from January 31 - February 1, 2003 at UNECA conference center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Over 300 government and non-government organizations, private sector, students, Notable personalities ,trade union representatives and delegates from Transparency International attended the conference. During its first general assembly, the main body of TRANSPARENCY ETHIOPIA'S leadership -its management board was elected and its officials nominated. At present TRANSPARENCY ETHIOPIA's secretariat is established.

TRANSPARENCY ETHIOPIA intends to build coalition with the private sector, civil society organizations and government to prevent corrupt practices, strengthen public institutions, and foster a deep-rooted anti-corruption culture.

To see a corruption-free Ethiopia where accountability and transparency are ensured in all sectors of the economy; public services are provided as per systems put in place; business transactions are undertaken based on regulations and standards governing the market; and corruption does not affect the equitable distribution of resources among society.

To fight all forms of corruption in all sectors, promote good governance and integrity in public affairs.

TRANSPARENCY ETHIOPIA'S overall objectives is to establish abroad based coalition against corruption and strive to root it out from public services, through education and stimulation of public awareness and concern.
Specific Objectives

Its specific objectives, given to it by Article 6 of the regulation establishing it, are to:

Be able citizens aware and exercise about their rights and obligations granted by the constitution;
To enable society create a corruption free culture ;
Fully apply effort to sensitize a transparent and accountable culture among government officials and non-governmental/civil society leaders;
Enable preventive laws of corruption offence, easily identified and rooted in the society;
Prepare brochures that could be used as a tool to bring about attitudinal, behavioural and moral changes, before corruption harms the society through disclosing and disseminating information to the public and educating them;
Develop techniques that can enable citizens especially children and youths to grow in discipline, ethical standards and transparency; which could help in creating corruption intolerant culture beforehand;
Organize seminars and symposiums that are used to improve legal know-how of the public with consultation and cooperation of concerned governmental offices and other stakeholder;
Provision of moral and material support for self-employees, government employees and social service workers so as to enable them energize and clean from corrupt practices;
Build coalition and cooperation with local and international stakeholders;
Undertaking research on the causes of corruption and developing strategies for awareness creation and implementation ;
Fully apply effort to sensitize a transparent and accountable culture among government officials and civil society leaders; and
Take part in educating voters, candidates and polling station officials about national election. Participate in election monitoring, observation and dissemination of the report to stakeholders and the public.


Transparency & Accountability - TE is accountable for funds and outcomes and outputs of the programmes. It also assure open communication with stakeholders and the general public;
Integrity - requites to commit it self to practice the values it propagates; and
Democracy - assuring internal democracy and equal rights and opportunities in the organization
Membership is open to committed individuals with high integrity, intent on social activism, and ready to fight corruption.