Radio Programme Of TE

Transparency Ethiopia on the 20th of April has begun transmitting a weekly Amharic radio program on corruption issues. The program is transmitted on radio Fana, FM 98.1, from 5 PM to 5: 30 PM every Sunday.

The overall aim of the program is to educate the public on the essence, manifestations and adverse effects of corruption, and consequently contribute to the creation of a corruption intolerant society in our country. The program is also expected to constitute an important forum for a multi-polar discussion (mainly involving public, government, private sector and civil society) on the issue of corruption.

Transparency Ethiopia invites readers to listen on this weekly radio program and write on matters they wish to comment on.

TE Hold Annual General Assembly Meeting

On the 10th of May 2008, Transparency Ethiopia (TE) held a half day Annual Regular General Assembly Meeting (GAM). In the meeting held at Ghion Hotel, members discussed on three agendas. These were annual performance report, the 2007 audit report and draft membership development policy of the organization.

After having discussed the two reports thoroughly, the meeting has come to terms with the points raised and approved both reports. Similar discussions undergone about the membership development policy and approved by acclamation with some corrections.

Due to the repeatedly reported corruption scandals and the seemingly deteriorating ethical values in Ethiopia, the General Assembly has passed resolutions that to be announced to key government and non-government organizations and other stakeholders.

Global Corruption Report Launched

The Global Corruption Report (GCR) 2008 launched across the globe on 25th of June 2008 with the theme “Corruption in the water sector.’ The central message of the report is put as “Urgent action is needed to mobilize all stakeholders to develop practical ways of tackling corrupt practices in the many and varied parts of water sector.” In addition to the water corruption, the report also discloses the 2007 edition of corruption perception index that ranked about 180 countries. The Corruption Perception Index (CPI), which reflects levels of corruption in the public sector as perceived by business people, country analysts and ordinary citizens points out alarming levels of corruption in the majority of countries covered by the index. These include many of the world’s poorest nations including Ethiopia.

TE Held Training at Adama Science and Technology University

TE Held Training at Adama Science and Technology University

Transparency Ethiopia held one day training entitled “Corruption and anti- Corruption Movement in Ethiopia at Adama Science and Technology University Hall on the 2nd of March 2017. The day long training has been attended by 48 students drawn from all colleges of the University. Key note speaker invited from Adama Science and Technology University. The speaker focused on the importance of developing ethical people to fight corruption. Ato Kibreab Abera Transparency Ethiopia executive director give presentation on the above mentioned title. In the first part of his presentation he introduced Transparency International, Transparency Ethiopia and their contribution towards good governance and their role in the fight against corruption internationally and locally respectively. In the second part of his types of corruption, forms of corruption and causes and effects of corruption were discussed briefly.

Following the presentations, student raised questions, their views and concern on the presentation and express their commitment to fight against corruption.