Investigative journalism and court reporting training


Four days training was organized by transparency Ethiopia on investigative journalism and court reporting. The training was conducted from December 6 up to December 9 at Magnolia Hotel. The gathered trainees were journalist/media professionals from different Medias who somehow are engaged with the topic at hand.  There was also a couple of graduating Addis Ababa university students from the journalism department at the training. The total number of trainees was 30. The training generally focused on Investigative journalism, what it means, what differentiates it from conventional journalism, how to plan an investigation, the use of access to information in investigative journalism, and legal and ethical issues in investigative journalism. This part was covered by Dr. Teshome Tafesse, an Assistant Professor of journalism and communications. On the other hand Ato Solomon Goshu, an Attorney and reporter magazine editor gave training on the issues of understanding courts, court reporters, and contempt of court.