Land governance and Responsible Large Scale Agricultural Investment Dialogue Platform and Future Activities in Bahir Dar

A one day dialogue platform with different CSOs, government actors and the private sector was carried out by Transparency Ethiopia Bahir Dar branch on the issue of land governance and responsible large scale Agricultural Investment on 29/10/2017 at Water Front hotel, Bahir Dar. Just like the ones conducted in Addis Ababa and Mekele, the discussion platform in Bahir Dar also briefed the participants about the land governance system of Ethiopia, especially the rural land holding rights and in terms of the rights that many peasants in Ethiopia entitled with, and the associated new phenomena that is now expanding in many developing countries overall the world having its own practical challenge, and significant amount of benefit if exercised responsibly, large scale agricultural investment. Participants made reflections on the issue and they even made their own debates due to the difference in their views on issues that we presented for discussion. many of the participants said that they are glad to be part of such kind of issues based discussion and workshop, they said that the topic that we selected for discussion is great and detrimental but they suggested that it would have been better if the discussion was made with decision makers, and law makers and also to proceed with this issue based workshop supporting it with research and findings on issues relating to the actual overview of responsible agricultural investment, to be able to understand the level and the manner of agricultural investment and its character in our country.