Youth briefing session

collageTransparency Ethiopia conducted a half-day briefing session with 50 Bole sub-city youth leaders on the topic of meaning, characteristics and impacts of corruption generally and the impact of corruption on the youth specifically. Mr. Bireda, the youth department project officer at Bole sub-city, gave a keynote speech on the importance of these kinds of training to fight corruption and more importantly the huge impact it has for the youth. Mr. Bireda also greatly appreciated Transparency Ethiopia for willing to conduct such kinds of training and on the overall activities, TE has undertaken to fight corruption. Following the briefing, the participants were grouped into 5 groups, each group containing 10 participants, and were given two discussion topics (what is the impact of corruption on the youth and what should be the role and responsibility of the youth in the fight against corruption). Each group exhaustively discussed the topics and presented their views by their group representative. 
The presentation was impressive. Core issues were raised in the presentation as to how corruption affects the youth; like unemployment, hopelessness, migration, unpatriotic etc. and as to the role of the youth in the fight against corruption, the participants raised reporting corrupt activities, standing alongside the government and other concerned bodies in the fight against corruption, giving more emphasis on ethics and social values etc. 
According to the pre and post-assessment report the participants filled out, they acquired a better understanding and knowledge about corruption, its impacts, and the means to fight it, after attending the briefing session. And almost all participants found the briefing to be useful. At the end, the participants agreed to pass on the lesson they got from the training to youths in their respective district and requested for other and similar briefing sessions to be given to them in the near future.