Dialogue platform on the issue of land governance and responsible large scale agricultural investment

Transparency Ethiopia organized and conducted a one day dialogue plat form with different stake holders from CSOs, government actors and the private sector, engaged in agriculture and related fields, on the issue of land governance and responsible large scale Agricultural Investment with the financial support granted by the EU civil society fund II and GIZ in Addis Ababa on August 16, 2017 at Panorama Hotel.

The platform aimed at briefing the gathered stakeholders on the matter of land governance in general and responsible large scale agricultural investment in particular and revolved around rules and regulations governing the land administration systems in Ethiopia and the voluntary guideline which Ethiopia has adhered to. The objective of the platform was to sensitize the use of such platforms to address existing issues and problems.

In the platform a brief presentation on TE and its activities was presented by Mr Samuel K followed by an in-depth presentation by Mr Endalkachew G. on rules that govern land administration in Ethiopia and voluntary guidelines. A group discussion was also made and presented by each group on a sample land contractual agreement. At the end reflection and comments were forwarded by the participants. The absence of land use and administration policy in Ethiopia was raised by many participants as a setback regarding land related issues in Ethiopian legal system.

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