More on the corruption crack down

The government has proceeded on arresting more individuals suspected of corruption and bringing them to justice mercilessly. The number of individuals arrested has reached 52. On top of this, according to the report of Fana broadcasting corporate, the government has also frozen the assets of 210 additional individuals and institutions suspected of having relations with the already arrested corruption suspects. Also, the assets of another 15 individuals and companies is frozen following the relation they are suspected of having with the already arrested suspects. These are some of the companies whose assets are frozen.

  • Aser construction
  • GemshuBeyene construction
  • Tina construction
  • DMC construction
  • YemaneGirmay general contractor
  • Transnational computer trading
  • Hailem engineering share company
  • Kemamik trading PLC
  • Jong Ling international engineering and others.

Source: Addis Ababa, August 10 /FBC