Major step taken by the government in the fight against corruption

On July 25, 2017, the Ethiopian government has arrested more than thirty higher government officials, brokers and traders/ business man / suspected of corruption. The government officials used to work and were arrested in these government institutions according to the press release obtained from public relations affairs office. Federal and Addis Ababa Road Authority, sugar corporation, Ministry of finance and economic corporation and others. The head of public relations affairs office, Dr. Negari stated that these higher government officials are suspected of maltreatment of power entrusted to them by the government and the people. Dr. Negari outlined that these are not the only ones suspected and arrested for corruption, there are many others also who are under investigation and who will be arrested when the sufficient evidence is gathered. And the action to bring these men to justice will be strengthened after further studies and preparations.

This is an indication that the government has started to take serious measures at a high level to combat corruption which it promised to do so to the public repeatedly.


Addis Ababa, FBC (Fana Broadcasting Corporate S.C.), July 25, 2017