Oromiya region declared to investigate within a month, forged educational credential documents that have widely surfaced in the region

Dr. Bikila Huressa, officer of Oromiya region public service and human resource development stated that there are a lot of employees working in public institutions with forged educational documents. Dr. Bikila said the numbers of these employees is not clearly known yet, but it is certain that they are working in government institutions starting from managerial level down to clerk positions. These individuals according to Dr. Bikila, are working with forged Diploma, Degree, and Masters.

In the current year, a lot has been done to overcome the problem of good governance in the region, including terminating officials against whom the people logged complaints. But the result was insignificant.  The oromiya regional president Ato Lema Megersa stated that the grievance of the people is the result of the service provided by officials and employees of government institutions without the proper knowledge and know how.  One of the burning issues, among other things, in oromiya region is forged credential documents said Ato Lemma. And an action will be taken within a month on those officials and employees who have been working in government institutions with forged credential documents. The action entails termination and criminal liability.


Addis Ababa, (FBC) fana fm 98.1 news, July 18, 2017