Tax evasion

Two public prosecutors and two brokers along with a Chinese citizen were arrested by the federal police commission crime investigation office on July 18, 2017. The suspects were caught red handed around bole area while the two public prosecutors and brokers were receiving 5 million Ethiopian birr from the Chinese claiming they would get his tax evasion charges dropped.

The Chinese suspect Biyo Lee has already been charged with tax evasion crime and was ordered by the Federal high court to pay 11 million birr tax money he owes the government and another additional 5 million birr fine. Mr. Lee has paid the said amount of money. But then Mr. Lee was approached by the brokers and the public prosecutors claiming they would get the case closed if he’d pay them 5 million birr. Mr. Lee accepted their proposal and was caught red handed with the other suspects while giving the 5 million birr.

The federal police commission stated that the suspects are under investigation by the evidences gathered against them.


Addis Ababa, (FBC) fana fm 98.1 news, July 19, 2017