'Ethical parenting can contribute to ethical leadership'


Engineer Zewude Tekle, former mayor of Addis Ababa and chairperson of Transparency Ethiopia made an interview with our quarterly magazine called Transparency. In the interview Engineer Zewude underscored the importance of Ethics in building an ethical society and fighting corruption. The following excerpt was taken from the interview:

’’A citizen who in the first place was raised in an ethical manner will be a good citizen. When a community properly nurtures their respective ethical values this can add up to build an ethical society and the right person to work on is the young generation. A citizen who was properly and rightfully brought up by his/her parents, neighbors, and school is a good citizen. In order for good governance to thrive in our country, ethical parenting needs to exist in each home first. For this to be a reality, families and neighbors play the primary model role.  If a child is raised witnessing theft, robbery, bribe, etc……. and listening to different types of lies, there is a high probability that this child will grow up to be a thief and a liar despite being a grown up with educational back ground. He may not engage in theft and other activities, not because he doesn’t have the desire to do so, but he is afraid of the consequences that come after committing such act. We members of TE have the responsibility to make sure that the youth are raised in a transparent, national pride and hardworking spirit. Parents should also raise their children with good spirit. Moreover, spiritual institutions also have the responsibility to teach their respective followers to be honest and faithful in every day of their lives. The youth, when faced with maladministration practices, they have to confront and challenge the practice before anyone else. If we all discharge our responsibilities, we can create a society with clear conscious’’