CDBS reveals that peoples are optimist about the reduction of corruption in the coming two years

Addis Ababa – Transparency Ethiopia launched Corruption Diagnostic Baseline survey (CDBS) today March 6, 2009 at Ghion hotel. According to the Diagnostic Survey Peoples in the capital city are optimists that corruption will be decrease on the coming two years.

Transparency Ethiopia as part of its Research & Advocacy program, has conducted CDBS in the capital city in the year of 2008. The survey was intended, among others, to gather data on the people’s confidence on public institutions evaluate the quality of services rendered by these institutions, through making sample respondents rate and rank socio-economic problems, the amount, frequency and severity of bribes.

Speaking on the launching ceremony, Ato Eyasu Yimer Director of Transparency Ethiopia said that the survey will have a paramount importance for the government and concerned bodies to evaluate what have been done so far and take corrective measures by pointing weakness reflected on the survey.

He said that the recommendation of the findings suggested that, the government should clean the services rendered by governmental institutions.

Transparency International Chair of the Board of Director, Huguette Labelle said that such survey would be an important source for public service providers to identify sector where service delivery improvements should be warranted. She said that the survey could be used as foundation to make further similar studies.

According to the findings of the survey, the public ranked corruption fourth next to other socio-economic problems, cost of living, unemployment and housing, that prevailed in the city. According to the survey people give the first three rank for service delivery public school registration, telephone and electricity installation while judicial records procedure receive the lowest quality improvements ranking

The survey further indicated that among government institution Kebeles has got the lowest rank on getting peoples trust while Quality & Standards Authority and Sport Federation stood second and third respectively.

According to the survey Drivers’ license procedure and property registration; the judicial records procedure and the tax procedure tie for the 1st place and 2nd place respectively with average bribes of 500 and 400 birr respectively. (See table 14)

As per the survey findings, 39 percent of the respondents claimed that corruption has gotten worst or remain on the same level on the coming two years while the majority of the respondents 59 percent of them reflect their view that the level of corruption will go down on the coming two years. However, the greater majority of the respondents, 55 percent of them claimed that corruption reached at the worst level in the past two years while 44 percents responded that it wasn’t as such serious.

The surveys indicate that Media and religious organization have a vital role to mobilize the public stand against corruption while the survey emphasizes the need to include Civil Society Organization in the national anti corruption initiative.
On the launching ceremony, attended by dignitaries, journalists and invited guests, it was indicated that government, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and the public at large must remain vigilant to expose corruption and stand firm to fight corruption.


Notes for Editors:
The survey was sponsored by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa and the Norwegian Church Aid-Ethiopia.
The survey was conducted on behalf of Transparency Ethiopia by African Economic Studies consulting firm in October & November, 2008.