Transparency Ethiopia's Radio Program

Transparency will launch its periodic radio program in collaboration Fana broadcasting corporate in the coming two weeks. The radio program mainly focuses on awareness creation on the issue of corruption, teaching issues of good governance and ways to demand accountability and promoting ALAC (advocacy and free legal aid center). On top of this, the radio program aims at reaching large number of the society as well as institutionalizing the prioritization of good governance and anti corruption movements and messages by the media. Over a million people are expected to be reached by the radio program that will last for 42 weeks. The radio program will be transmitted according to the following time frame.

  • Addis Ababa Fana FM 98.1 _____ Tuesdays  from 8:45 PM-9:00 PM
  • Gondar Fana FM 98.1__________Wednsdays  from 11:20AM-11:35AM
  • Mekelle Fana FM 94.8_________wednsdays from 1:10 PM-1:25 PM
  • Shashemene Fana  FM _________Fridays from 9:05 AM-9:20 AM
  • Asela Fana FM _______________Tuesdays from 4:00 PM-4:25 PM



Activities conducted in Bahir Dar

Three project activities were conducted in Bahirdar in the past week. These activities were women’s briefing session on issues of Corruption and anti Corruption movement in Ethiopia conducted at water front Hotel on November 03, 2017 Presented to 42 women’s composed of women’s associations from different level, a multi stake holder’s dialogue platform on the issue of Public Procurement Practice in the construction sector, 19 government organizations directly engaged in the construction supervision and control work and also procurement practice as well,4 CSOs and 9 from private sector construction and government development organizations engaged in the construction and procurement practice attended the workshop. The last activity was the third round training for university students on the issue of time management. In this session 42 students from Bahir Dar university attended the training that was conducted for one day.

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Dialogue platform on public procurement practices in the construction sector


The Dialogue Platform on public procurement practices in the construction sector organized and conducted by TE on October 26, 2017,  at Blue Birds Hotel  aimed at bringing together different development actors to round table discussion so that diverse perspectives can be reflected on different issues related to Public procurement practices in the construction sector, briefing the different stakeholders the processes and procedures of procuring Construction materials, Bringing together tripartite parties (government actors, CSOs and the relevant private sector actors) to discuss about current practices in the sector, gaining different views and assessments of the stakeholders, whether the procurement processes are in line with the relevant public procurement laws and procedures, gaining valuable inputs for future possible actions to be planned and implemented by TE, and sensitizing the stakeholders on the significant and multi-dimensional implications of malpractices in public procurement by making use of such platforms. In the platform a brief presentation was made by Ato Tesfaye on the processes and procedures of procuring construction in light of proclamation 649/2009 procurement and property administration proclamation, also a presentation was made on disclosure. 

Youth briefing session in Bahir Dar

Youth briefing session on corruption and anti corruption movement in Ethiopia was conducted at Bahir Dar on October 22, 2017, at Amahra National Regional State Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission. The purpose of the session was to gather youths participating in youth associations together to be able raise their awareness on issues of corruption and anti corruption movements in Ethiopia. The session briefed the participants about the Transparency Ethiopia, at the beginning and detail presentation on issues of corruption and anti corruption movements presented involving warm participation and idea exchanges in between us and the participants Youths from 9 sub cities of the city youths associations participated in the briefing session. A total of 36 youths participated in the event 8 female 28 male youths. Participants made reflections, presented comments and their opinion.


Land governance and responsible large scale Agricultural Investment workshop at Hawassa

The workshop aimed at briefing the gathered stakeholders on the matter of land governance in general and responsible large scale agricultural investment in particular and revolved around rules and regulations governing the land administration systems in Ethiopia and the voluntary guideline which Ethiopia has adhered to and Bringing together tripartite parties (government actors, CSOs and The relevant private sector actors) to discuss on the issue of land governance and responsible large scale agriculture. The workshop was conducted on Oct. 06, 2017 at Tadese Enjory Hotel, HawassaDSC00060 1

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