Doctor, Artist Tesfaye Sahilu

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We have lost one of our childhoods tutor and a great father, who has laid the ethical foundation for many of us. This great man has shaped many children of our generations in the right pattern and was more influential in doing so better than schools and even parents. We thank you honorable Doctor, Artist Tesfaye Sahilu, for the many years of unreserved, priceless and persistent dedication you’ve showed towards children and the youth in teaching ethics, morality, and good manners.  Many of us are in a decent and respected positions in our lives and a humble and ethical member of the society all because of you. Many of us wouldn’t be where we’re at today if it wasn’t for you. We salute you and our condolences goes to his family and close friends and to all Ethiopians. May your soul rest in peace!

Corruption Crackdown

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A few days ago the government has arrested about 34 higher government officials, brokers, and business man suspected of corruption. On July 29, additional information was released by the federal attorney general. In the press release, the federal attorney general Ato Getachew pointed out that the number of government officials, brokers, and business man suspected of corruption and put under police custody has reached 42. Ato Getachew underlined the operation of arresting those suspected of corruption will continue. Also, the amount of money embezzled from the government and the people was put in detail by the attorney general. Accordingly,

  • From the federal road authority 1 billion 358 million birr,
  • From Sugar Corporation, Tendaho and Omo Kuraz Sugar Development Projects worth 1 billion birr 21 million birr,
  • From Ministry of Finance and Economic Development,  1.1 billion birr,
  • From Addis Ababa City Roads Authority over 198 million birr and
  • From Addis Ababa Housing Development Project Office, over 41 million birr

Source; Addis Ababa, FBC (Fana Broadcasting Corporate S.C.), July 29, 2017

The aggregate of the listed amount of money believed to be embezzled is more than 3.7 billion Ethiopian birr. This is a huge amount of money. It may not seem to be that huge when it is indicated in numbers. But the loss is very cumbersome when it is estimated in terms of how many significant and very essential   infrastructural projects which our society desperately is in need of, are stolen and put into greedy individual’s pockets. Imagine if these much money was spent on the proposed plans, if it was spent on building large hospitals in every region, imagine how many lives could have been saved. So many schools could have been built which could have graced us with the next scientist, doctors, engineers, lawyers, leaders etc. imagine how many houses (condominiums) could have been built for the many Ethiopians who don’t have houses. Imagine how many roads could have been built, connecting Addis Ababa with different regions making activities like trade very smooth and contributing a lot for the region’s economic development and creating job opportunities for the many unemployed fresh graduates. Instead all this money is accumulated in the hands of the few who are very greedy, selfish, and cruel citizens who abuse and live a lavish life style at the expense of the many who are economically poor. But the action being taken recently by the government on these individuals is very encouraging. These people should be brought to justice for they have committed the worst possible crime out there, corruption. The government should be appreciated for these honorable act and once again for standing beside the people.

Corruption perception index 2016

According to the index report, Ethiopia ranked 108th out of 176 countries inspected by Transparency International and scored 34 out of 100. Transparency International data shows Ethiopia suffers from high levels of bribery. And Data from the anti-corruption group’s research also shows that Ethiopia’s citizens and institutions suffer from high levels of bribery. The report indicates the wide spread of corruption in the country. Ethiopia is now under the group of countries that are considered to be corrupt. A lot has to be done by the government, each citizen, and other concerned CSOs like Transparency Ethiopia to bring about a significant change and take our country out from the corrupted countries group. 


Ethiopia - Corruption Perceptions Index



Corruption Ranking

Corruption Index




The face of road construction in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa’s is experiencing a leap of infrastructure development. One of these developments is the city wide road construction initiative. However, many roads in Addis Ababa especially in the rainy season get completely damaged and are not convenient to use. Many reasons could be sited for this mishap. But the major reason could be sited as the roads being constructed without the proper quality in the first place. The government allots a large amount of budget for road construction each year. Unfortunately some roads are not constructed with the proper quality. Aside the large amount of money the government allocates for this activity, it also incurs another additional expenses for repairing or redesigning the roads as it can be seen from the total reconstruction and replacement of the newly finalized Kotebe road near Ararat Hotel. This road was surfaced with asphalt and unexpectedly it deconstructed and new project is going on in the same place wasting the first finalized road. This wouldn’t happen if the roads were constructed with the proper quality in the first place. The country loses lots and lots of money just for repairing these damaged roads which ironically get damaged few months after getting repaired. This clearly shows the allotted money is not entirely spent on the designated projects. The government has felt these urge to hold these people accountable and Addis Ababa road authority is amongst the government institutions investigated for corruption and whose officials were arrested just recently. TE believes that such follow up from the government side is very encouraging step forward and we hope not to see cancelation of finalized road projects and initiation of another replica that indirectly costs the public. Therefore, the society expects to see no substandard road construction. And finally we thank the Addis Ababa City Administration for the continuously growing infrastructure development for the sustainable socio economic development.

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'I can live well with what I have' Jose Mujica, president of Uruguay


Jose Mujica is Uruguay’s president whose lifestyle clearly differs sharply from that of most other world leaders and often referred to as the world’s poorest president, who lives on a ramshackle farm and gives away 90 percent of his salary to charities which benefit poor people, small entrepreneurs and to educate poor children. President Mujica has shunned the luxurious house that the Uruguayan state provides for its leaders and opted to stay at his wife's farmhouse. The president says what he has is enough and he can live well with what he has. We salute this great person for his admirable act. The word would have been a lot better if we had few leaders like President Mujica.