Enlightening 12th-grade students in department selection

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An annual student’s conference on how to have a successful campus life was held on Aug. 23, 2017, with the collaboration of Transparency Ethiopia, Hawassa University and Go Hawassa Project. The main aim of this workshop was to enlighten 12th-grade graduates on the issues of department selection. The Workshop aimed at changing the mind set of students while choosing the career they want to peruse in the future. In most cases 12th students, when selecting what course to study or which department to join, they tend to choose a department or a course that has more monetary value and the most paying job in the future. Thus, most of the students don’t follow their dreams, talents, and potential while choosing a department. 
This kind of attitude will in most cases lead to an unproductive and unethical generation which focuses only and only money, which results in corruption. A person should do a job because he loves that profession not only to increase his/her financial capacity. Thus, Transparency Ethiopia as an organization working to see a transparent and corruption free Ethiopia for a better public service delivery, business and civil society engagement collaborated in this event. With the collaboration of Hawassa University, the workshop was held at University Conference Hall. 
The workshop generally had three parts. It started with a welcoming speech and briefings about Transparency Ethiopia by Hawi Adugna a delegate from TE. Then there was a two rounds experience sharing focusing on academic achievements and co-curricular/business related achievements by successful graduates from Hawassa. There was an interactive motivational speech concerning dreams and the future that awaits the youth. Finally, there was a one to one consultation for 12th graduates regarding the department they wish to join with graduates and student volunteers from each department. 
The half day long workshop has been successfully completed and has addressed 230 students on the issues of ethics, corruption and in getting them ready for the journey of campus life. The work shop is expected to shape the participant youth to be ethically mannered, motivated and dreamers that will be part of the community that fights corruption and keen to see a better Ethiopia.


The first youth briefing was held on August 18, 2017, on the title ‘’corruption and anti-corruption fights in Ethiopia’’. In the session, the youths were able to understand and internalize the existing corruption problems and anti – corruption measurements that should be taken to address and deal with corruption. In addition to the presentation/briefing, the youth were actively participating in raising questions and giving feedbacks.

In this session, we were able to train 47 youth members (out of which 15 were female participants) from seven sub-cities of Mekelle. They were active participants and they attended the presentation very well. At the end, they strongly recommend us to visit and give this briefing for other members of the society and reach the rest of their members.


Youth briefing session

collageTransparency Ethiopia conducted a half-day briefing session with 50 Bole sub-city youth leaders on the topic of meaning, characteristics and impacts of corruption generally and the impact of corruption on the youth specifically. Mr. Bireda, the youth department project officer at Bole sub-city, gave a keynote speech on the importance of these kinds of training to fight corruption and more importantly the huge impact it has for the youth. Mr. Bireda also greatly appreciated Transparency Ethiopia for willing to conduct such kinds of training and on the overall activities, TE has undertaken to fight corruption. Following the briefing, the participants were grouped into 5 groups, each group containing 10 participants, and were given two discussion topics (what is the impact of corruption on the youth and what should be the role and responsibility of the youth in the fight against corruption). Each group exhaustively discussed the topics and presented their views by their group representative. 
The presentation was impressive. Core issues were raised in the presentation as to how corruption affects the youth; like unemployment, hopelessness, migration, unpatriotic etc. and as to the role of the youth in the fight against corruption, the participants raised reporting corrupt activities, standing alongside the government and other concerned bodies in the fight against corruption, giving more emphasis on ethics and social values etc. 
According to the pre and post-assessment report the participants filled out, they acquired a better understanding and knowledge about corruption, its impacts, and the means to fight it, after attending the briefing session. And almost all participants found the briefing to be useful. At the end, the participants agreed to pass on the lesson they got from the training to youths in their respective district and requested for other and similar briefing sessions to be given to them in the near future.


youth briefing in Adama

On August 18 TE Adama center has undertaken a half day briefing session with 50 youths in Adama town. The youths were gathered from three categories of the youth group, based on their level of responsibility and participation in the kebele level where they work. These groups are; Youth Federation (the official representatives of both youth federations and youth community), youth league (made up of politically active and vibrantly participating youth) and youth communion (including all young people). The representatives of the youth bureau, Ato Alemayehu, made an opening speech and underscored the vital roles of the youth in fighting corruption by working hand in hand with other governmental and non-governmental organization and by further extending their awareness to the community at large to develop a generation that condemns corruption and impropriety. The session was impressive, participatory and attractive. Finally, they definitely promised to work with us in the upcoming times. On behalf of TE, we encouraged them to keep in touch with transparency Ethiopia via email, face book.


Dialogue platform on the issue of land governance and responsible large scale agricultural investment

Transparency Ethiopia organized and conducted a one day dialogue plat form with different stake holders from CSOs, government actors and the private sector, engaged in agriculture and related fields, on the issue of land governance and responsible large scale Agricultural Investment with the financial support granted by the EU civil society fund II and GIZ in Addis Ababa on August 16, 2017 at Panorama Hotel.

The platform aimed at briefing the gathered stakeholders on the matter of land governance in general and responsible large scale agricultural investment in particular and revolved around rules and regulations governing the land administration systems in Ethiopia and the voluntary guideline which Ethiopia has adhered to. The objective of the platform was to sensitize the use of such platforms to address existing issues and problems.

In the platform a brief presentation on TE and its activities was presented by Mr Samuel K followed by an in-depth presentation by Mr Endalkachew G. on rules that govern land administration in Ethiopia and voluntary guidelines. A group discussion was also made and presented by each group on a sample land contractual agreement. At the end reflection and comments were forwarded by the participants. The absence of land use and administration policy in Ethiopia was raised by many participants as a setback regarding land related issues in Ethiopian legal system.

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