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Two Meetings Held in Awassa City

Transparency Ethiopia held meetings with SOS, UBS and BNB students in Awassa City. The programme was held at SOS school on 12 Oct. 2011 with the participation of more than 120 students. The students were selected by their team organizers to form Transparency Clubs which will be dealing with anti-corruption and ethical issues in their respective schools. The students were accompanied by their civic teachers so as to speed up their engagement in the clubs.

The second programme also held in the city with Central University College students. This group also expressed their willingness to establish Transparency Clubs in their Campus by drawing leaders of different clubs to the formation of the club. As Health Science students, they have determined that their involvement in such club would be of paramount importance to the enhancement of ethical standards in the health sector.    


A half Day Discussion Held with Iddir Leaders in Adama Town

Transparency Ethiopia in collaboration with the Adama Funeral Association ‘Iddir’ organized a half-day workshop at the hall of the ‘Iddir’ in Adama on the 16th of Septermeber 2011. The workshop was organized aiming at enhancing the knowledge of participants (Chairpersons of each Iddirs)  in dealing with corruption issues and the promotion of Ethics.

The Executive Director of Transparency Ethiopia and the Oromiya Regional Coordinator for Transparency Ethiopia, had presented papers about the definition, history, causes, consequences and the wider implication of unethical citizen for the future Ethiopia.

Upon the invitation of the Iddir Management Board, Speaker from Accord Ethiopia, Dr. Moges Shiferaw had also presented paper regarding the role of Iddirs in the social and economic development of Ethiopia or Africa. This philosophical approach of iddirs’ role was assessed and recommendation made to enhance their role beyond the traditional partnership formation alone rather they are challenged to think of sharing and working for Africa or the World, due to their emphasis on humanity than discriminatory approaches unlike other organizations.

Following the presentations, participants flooded their views on the presentations and their commitment to continue   their fight against corruption and share their knowledge to other iddir members.

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