Investigative journalism and court reporting training


Four days training was organized by transparency Ethiopia on investigative journalism and court reporting. The training was conducted from December 6 up to December 9 at Magnolia Hotel. The gathered trainees were journalist/media professionals from different Medias who somehow are engaged with the topic at hand.  There was also a couple of graduating Addis Ababa university students from the journalism department at the training. The total number of trainees was 30. The training generally focused on Investigative journalism, what it means, what differentiates it from conventional journalism, how to plan an investigation, the use of access to information in investigative journalism, and legal and ethical issues in investigative journalism. This part was covered by Dr. Teshome Tafesse, an Assistant Professor of journalism and communications. On the other hand Ato Solomon Goshu, an Attorney and reporter magazine editor gave training on the issues of understanding courts, court reporters, and contempt of court.

A Memorandum of Understanding between different civic society associations in Southern nation nationalities

A Memorandum of Understanding between different civic society associations in Southern nation nationalities was signed Dec 5 2017 at the meeting held in the office of human rights counsel, Hawassa. Different civil society association working mainly working right protections of citizens like Human right counsel, Transparency Ethiopia, Ethiopian women lawyers Association, Ethiopian Young Lawyers Association, South Ethiopia young Lawyers Association, Initiative for improving standards of prison, Mizan young lawyer’s center, South region lawyers association, and Ethiopian pensioner association were participant in the signing of the MOU. This memorandum of understanding is prepared on the basis of agreement between civil societies and associations in SNNPR, to work in collaboration on issues of legal aid service, human rights protection, prisoner’s right protection, anti corruption works, issues related to protection of rights of women and children and also including other related issues which need a special attention in order to fight the harms in the community. The collaboration of this institution mainly aimed on working on providing free legal aid services for the community at large in issues of rights and corruption cases. This could help TE in enhancing the number of free legal aid services in the area in relation corruption. Thus we work together in handing free legal aid cases effectively through referral linkage and collaboration for cases needing legal standing. The collaboration will also work on providing capacity building trainings for different parts of the community, leaders of governmental and nongovernmental institutions, justice sectors and any institutions working on human rights and breach of law. This will also help TE in increasing its goals in building an ethically well mannered community. The collaboration will also work on empowering the capacity of member organizations of the collaboration. It is expected that the EU or some other funding organizations could help the collaboration financially thus it is aimed that such findings will also be used in increasing the financial capacity of the organization. The collaboration also aimed at conducting trainings to magnify the danger of corruption on the life of citizens and economic development of the country, in order to create a generation who detests corruption now and in the next generation was also taken as a one issue to work together. Thus, this will also help to address more citizens in the fight of corruption in Ethiopia.

The collaboration had also aimed at working on the young generations in fighting corruption and forming citizens which have ethical values to protect. This also helps the works of TE in building an ethical society. The collaboration has a goal of achieving a common goal in apprehension of rule of law and respect of human and democratic rights by 2015 E.C. The MOU is effective as of the signing day December 5, 2017. There are three executive committee selected from the available institutions which will serve for 3 years. Thus, Captain Daniel Tesfaye from human right counsel/ south district office, Hawassa was selected as a president of the collaboration. Mrs. Roman Arega from Ethiopian Young Lawyers Association/south region office, Hawassa was selected as a v. president. Mr. Mesay Tesfaye from Transparency Ethiopia/ south region office, Hawassa was selected as secretary of the collaboration. 

University students training


On December 9, transparency Ethiopia gave training to 50 Addis Ababa university students. The topic of the training was time management. 

Transparency Ethiopia's Radio Program

Transparency will launch its periodic radio program in collaboration Fana broadcasting corporate in the coming two weeks. The radio program mainly focuses on awareness creation on the issue of corruption, teaching issues of good governance and ways to demand accountability and promoting ALAC (advocacy and free legal aid center). On top of this, the radio program aims at reaching large number of the society as well as institutionalizing the prioritization of good governance and anti corruption movements and messages by the media. Over a million people are expected to be reached by the radio program that will last for 42 weeks. The radio program will be transmitted according to the following time frame.

  • Addis Ababa Fana FM 98.1 _____ Tuesdays  from 8:45 PM-9:00 PM
  • Gondar Fana FM 98.1__________Wednsdays  from 11:20AM-11:35AM
  • Mekelle Fana FM 94.8_________wednsdays from 1:10 PM-1:25 PM
  • Shashemene Fana  FM _________Fridays from 9:05 AM-9:20 AM
  • Asela Fana FM _______________Tuesdays from 4:00 PM-4:25 PM